BERN, Keyboards and Vocals


Hailing from Roslyn, Long Island, Bern has been rocking the keyboard for decades. He has regularly performed and collaborated with other musicians in New York City and London. He has written soundtracks for various video projects, including a television news show theme song and all of the music for a Discovery Network documentary, as well as a multimedia soundtrack for an ATT&T corporate multimedia CD.  Whether it be a blistering Hammond B-3 solo or complex piano riffs, Bern delivers a great sound in his own style. He is guaranteed to get the crowd going in any venue.

BRIAN, Bass and Vocals

New Wave, SKA, and acoustic, Brian has been playing guitar and bass in cover bands since high school. A walking encyclopedia of classic rock, Brian lists a wide range of influences, from Led Zeppelin and progressive rock, to The Beatles and Beach Boys’ harmonies. In addition to lead/background vocals and bass, Brian takes special interest in the overall musical arrangements for Rockville Station.



In the words of Sade, “Coast-to-Coast, LA to Chicago…” Ernette hails from The Garden Isle of Kauai and is known for her smooth and sultry vocal delivery. Following a moving version of Carol King’s “So Far Away,” Ernette stole the show and was crowned Hawaii’s official Junior Miss. She continued to delight audiences throughout college in Portland, Oregon before landing in the DC metro area. A long-time staff musician at the Washington Hilton, Ernette has appeared on a variety of local jingles and commercial recordings and is currently a vocal coach to aspiring young talent in the area.


PETER, Guitar

A Maryland native, Peter grew up loving heavy guitar-oriented rock and roll, and first picked up the electric guitar at age 13. He played in bands throughout high school, college, and even in law school. When the stars aligned and Peter met his future bandmates, he could not believe his luck in playing with “the best group of musicians I have ever had the honor of sharing the stage with.” Peter is a master of the guitar “pedal board,” replicating in detail the tone and texture of classic guitar solos from the 70s and 80s. In fact, on any given night, Peter will play five or six different guitars during a show.

MARTY, Guitar and Vocals

Marty first began playing in bands as a high-schooler in Northeast Ohio, idolizing fellow Clevelander, Joe Walsh. Marty is a “dead ringer” for the vocal stylings of Tom Petty and Jackson Brown, also covering acoustic guitar duties augmented with his trademark Telecaster “roots” rock n’ roll sound. Marty cites The Beatles and Eagles as major influences and on-going inspiration.


STEVE, Drums

A self-described “journeyman” musician, Steve cut his teeth recording in Philly and New York before settling into a steady gig at the Washington Hilton. He has performed at night clubs and special events throughout the Washington-Baltimore area. Highlights include dates with guitar legend Roy Buchannan and opening dates for Ray Charles and Frankie Valli. Steve took a break to raise a family and is thrilled to be “back in the saddle” with Rockville Station.